Efficient Automatic Number Plate Recognition Solutions a2-ANPR

a2-ANPR - License Plate and Brand-Classification-Color Recognition System

New Generation License Plate Recognition Solution

  • 95% Success Rate
  • All Latin and Arabic Plates
  • Brand-Model-Color and Vehicle Classification
  • Mobility Opportunities
  • To be able to read double lane with a single camera
  • Specific Plates with different colors
  • Central or Local Monitoring and Management
  • User-Friendly Interfaces

feature bootstrap

feature bootstrap

Key Features

  • To be able to read incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Work with All IP cameras and video sources
  • Lost/Stolen Vehicle Detection by Black List
  • To be able to read up to 25 plates in 1 second
  • Successful Reading up to 180km/h Speed
  • Real-Time Detection & Reporting
  • 7/24 Working
  • Flexible and Modular Infrastructure


  • Highways
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Parking Lands
  • Toll Transitions
  • On-Vehicle

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Highway Application

Automatic License Plate and Brand-Classification-Color Recognition System for highways, tunnels, brides.

Beach Heat

Parking Land Application

Automatic License Plate Recognition System for Parking Lands

Cables and Balls

On-Vehicle Application

Mobile use possibility with On-Vehicle installation

Delicious World

User-Friendly Interfaces

Monitoring, management & reporting interfaces are designed user-friendly.